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Graduation ceremony of master program 2013-14


MoFMinistry of Finance designed a master’s degree program with the technical cooperation of UNITAR supporting the capacity building of 20 senior officials of the ministry to the master level.

UNITAR jointly coordinated the execution of the aforementioned program with the Graduate Institute of international and development studies of Geneva, to implement the Executive Master’s Degree.

This master’s degree program was formally initiated with the signing of MoU on 30th of Jan, 2014 between Ministry of Finance and UNITAR in Geneva. The first Round of this Executive Master’s degree programme (Batch2 013-2014) successfully completed on February 27, 2014 and marked by a graduation ceremony which held at the campus of Graduate Institute in Geneva Switzerland.

The program contained 3 modules in 4 parts as bellow in details:
Module 1. Part 1. Abu Dhabi, Two Weeks (Successfully Implemented)
Module 1. Part 2. Istanbul, Two Weeks(Successfully Implemented)
Module 2. Home Country, Kabul, Six Months (Successfully Implemented)
Module 3. Geneva, Three Weeks (Successfully Implemented)  

After successful completion of DPP first round Mof, HRMD started the initial selection process of the DPP 2nd Batch applicants by conducting a written test in which 115 applicants participated from Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Women affairs, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Office of administrative Affairs and council of Ministries Secretariat where among them 58 applicant successfully passed the initial test and made their way to the next stage where the University reviewed and assessed their qualifications and application forms. The University conducted individual interviews with each applicant & selected the 20 eligible candidates by offering them acceptance letters from the said university.

Finance Minister, H.E. Dr. Hazrat Omer Zakhilwal said“I congratulate all the graduate students from Ministry of Finance those who have successfully completed this Executive Master’s Program.I’ve observed the program effectiveness & efficiency noticing the contents and methodologies of the program, and I’m sure it will have a huge impact in brining the positive changes within our service delivery and overall organizational performance. He called upon all graduates to play their important role in bringing positive changes professionalism, transparency, and accountability and contribute the best practices in your departments at Ministry of Finance.”

In addition, he thanked the Government of Japan for their generous financial aid in supporting such a valuable program and pushing their bold efforts in developing a young, dynamic pool of home grown talent, not only within the Ministry of Finance and all other organizations in the country as a whole, that plays a vital role in raising the developmental contribution margin to the country. I hereby extend my maximum support & cooperation to Graduate institute of Geneva and UNITAR on behalf of Ministry of Finance for the continuation of this unique Executive Master’s degree program for Afghanistan”

The 2nd round, first Module of this DPP programe is supposed to begin on 1st of May 2014 in United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and the rest modules will be going to take place in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Geneva, Switzerland.

Source: MoF