Tue, Oct

Capacity Building for Results Facility (CBRF) program has been launched


Capacity Building for Results Facility Program

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Communication and IT have signed an agreement for the implementation of Capacity Building for Results Facility Program in the Ministry of Communication and IT in the presence of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC).

Under the agreement, MCIT can recruit 300 talented individuals over two year period as outlined in MCIT proposal for the CBR program. The total budget for the CBRF for the Afghan government is US$ 350 of which 15-20 millions will allocate to the activities at MCIT during the next five years.

Mustafa Mastoor the Deputy Minister for Finance said in the signing ceremony “CBR is a major government–wide, national reform program which provide support with main aim to enhance the capability of the Afghan government and hence to introduce good governance in the country. This is a very important issue that enables effective delivery of services to the people of Afghanistan.”

Mr. Wahabudin Sadaat Deputy Minister of Finance & Admin of MCIT has stated that “Communication and IT is a fast growing sector which required a workforce what is equipped by modern knowledge and experience. Therefore, we need highly skilled and experiences individuals for this sector and therefore, we require the support from the CBR program.
The deputy director of the Civil Service Commission, Mr. Nader Hotak said: The aim of CBRF is to introduce reform in the government practices to improve the capacity of civil servants so that we will not required foreign technical assistance in the future.

CBR is a major program of the Government of Afghanistan which will be implemented for five years in participating ministries based on reform implementation and service delivery results. The main objective of this program is to strengthen core government capacity and enable ministries to delivery better services to the Afghan people.

CBR will facilitate the recruitment of high capacity national staff that enables government to recruit these staff at salaries that are more competitive in the current environment, so ministries can attract qualified candidates back from the private sector and project units, and into the civil service.