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Controlling crimes is ANP priority


controlling-crime-1Sustainable, efficient and important infrastructure projects are at the heart of a stable and prosperous Afghanistan. They are home to national institutions.

One such project, the Afghan National Police Crime Management College, was inaugurated earlier this year. The three million euros investment by the European Union (EU) will provide more efficient and up-to-date specialist criminal investigation training to the Afghan National Police.
The College comprises of one two-storey academy building with classrooms, labs and offices, two renovated adjacent buildings – one is now a dormitory facility for both male and female students, the other one a multi-purpose facility, including offices for international trainers.
The initial concept for the Crime Management College was formulated alongside the Police Staff College in close cooperation between the European Union Delegation to Afghanistan, the European Union Police Mission to Afghanistan (EUPOL) and the Ministry of the Interior (MoI).
Its key function is to support the Afghan National Police Staff College in providing additional specialist training for police officers to become expert in criminal investigations.
According to Lieutenant General Ikramuddin Yawar, Deputy Interior Affairs Minister, the college will enable specialist training in crime investigation techniques.
“Supporting, equipping, developing and expanding this college has guaranteed a comprehensive investigation of criminal acts and identifying those committing crime in the future. This is one of the reasons that the Afghan Ministry of Interior came up with priorities and one of them is developing the capacity of the criminal police,” Lieutenant General Yawar said.controlling-crime-2
The ANP has already been equipped with biometric facilities in all the provinces by the MoI; and over 3,500 personnel have received specialist training from EUPOL in dealing with crime.
Major General Mashoq Ahmad Silab, Commander of the General Training and Education Command, said: “We had specialist training activities for policemen in the past but we didn’t have a proper college. We ran other training centres together with our international counterparts such as EUPOL. Now, we can run them ourselves and this is due to the fact that we worked shoulder to shoulder with our counterparts.”
The new college will allow the combined efforts of the European Union, EUPOL, the ANP Training General Command and the MoI in the area of criminal investigation to advance further, with EUPOL in an advisory role as to further development of specialist skills and techniques.