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Power transfer on 5th day of Eid: Karzai


Hamid-Karzai-arriving-AmsteWith the electoral deadlock still persisting, President Hamid Karzai on Saturday reiterated his administration’s plan to transfer power to the newly-elected leader on August 2.

The president made the remarks at a meeting with members of the United Afghan National Party in Kabul. The delegates
commended Karzai’s contribution to the promotion of democracy.
A statement from the Presidential Palace said the delegation included senior party leaders Abdur Rahim Ayubi, Ibrahim Basharat and Farzana Farhmand, as well as tribal elders from northern Baghlan province.
Speaking on the occasion, Ayubi praised the president’s efforts for conducting the elections in a transparent manner and the Afghan forces for maintaining security across the country.
Addressing Karzai, Ayubi said: “The elections were instrumental in strengthening democracy in Afghanistan and you have been the pioneer of giving power to the people.”
The president noted with joy the presence of youth -- both girls and boys -- in ranks of political parties and their role in people’s prosperity. He hailed the youth’s contribution as a good fortune for Afghanistan.
“Yesterday’s protest near the Presidential Palace, attended by leading figures including my brother, is indicative of a huge success of the Afghans. It also shows that democracy is gradually striking root in Afghanistan,” he observed.
Karzai promised to explore all amicable ways of taking the electoral process to its logical conclusion and transferring power to the new president on the fifth day of Eidul Fitr. He also referred to problems in elections around the globe, saying the issue was not confined to Afghanistan.