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Ministry of Finance begins 2014 Donor Coordination Dialogues publish


Donor-Coordination-DialoguesMinistry of Finance begins 2014 Donor Coordination Dialogues Publish The Aid Management Directorate at the Ministry of Finance began its 2014 Donor Coordination Dialogues (DCDs).

 The DCDs are a series of high-level meetings between the MoF and all major donors in Afghanistan, which have been held each year since 2006.  The purpose of the DCDs is to review achievements for each donor over the past year and to discuss upcoming areas of support so that the MoF can assess and monitor the activities of all donors operating in Afghanistan and help improve aid coordination in the country.
 The DCDs are also an opportunity for donors to reconfirm their commitments to Afghanistan in the coming years and to raise any challenges to the MoF so that they can be addressed.
 While most major donors have been participating in the DCDs since 2006, this is the first year that all UN agencies in Afghanistan will also participate in the process.
 In preparation for the DCDs, all donors are asked to provide the MoF with detailed information about development assistance provided to the country in 2013 and their commitments for 2014 and beyond. After the DCDs are completed, this information will be compiled and publicly released in the upcoming Donor Coordination Report, which will be issued in September 2014.
 Aside from improving aid transparency and mutual accountability in Afghanistan, the DCDs are crucial for helping the Ministry of Finance manage its budget more efficiently and to direct aid to areas that are most in need.
 The DCDs will continue throughout the month of July and are anticipated to conclude in early August 2014.

Source:Ministry of Finance