Tue, Oct

Improving military prowess


Improving-military-prowess-2The transition of security from ISAF to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) signifies the need for continued training and development of Afghan forces.

ANSF have proved itself to be professional and capable of maintaining security since they assumed the lead role last year, and conclusion of the recent election process in a secure environment is a vivid example of their strength.Improving-military-prowess-3

With the transition of roles between the Afghan and coalition forces, successes even of this magnitude further signify how vital training and development is to the Afghan forces to continue to develop their skills in order take the lead on all planning and executing of all operations in Afghanistan.

To meet the national security challenges, the ANSF puts special emphasis on development and training of its personnel. To improve proficiency when conducting independent operations, the Special Mission Wing, ANA Special Forces and commandos recently took part in a military exercise in Kabul.