Thu, Oct

ABP ready to defend the nation’s borders


Border-Police-engineer-section-1As the weather warms and the enemies of peace emerge from their hiding places, the brave men of the Afghan Border Police have been undergoing refresher training to continue their work in providing security along the borders of this proud nation.

At the ceremony marking the start of refresher training, General Wali Khan Shinwari, commander of the Eastern Zone ABP explained the importance of the course. “There is no single soldier in the ABP who is not a professional, and professionals are constantly training and perfecting their skills. It is a matter of pride for us.”
Colonel Samiullah, commander of the ABP Quick Action Brigade (Quick Reaction Force) said that they would continue to increase the tempo of their operations in border areas in conjunction with other ANSF units. “The insurgents have spread a lot of false propaganda about their abilities and desire to stage more attacks. I can tell the people that we are ready and will prevent any of their harmful schemes.” ANBP-engineering-section
The work of the Eastern Zone ABP has not gone unnoticed by locals who live in close to the border. Hajji Najibullah, a resident of Kama district in Nangarhar province, says that that ABP are a common and comforting sight in his village. “The people and security forces are inseparable now; there is no gap between them and people. We understand that the security forces are here to bring peace and prosperity to our homes and villages.”