Thu, Oct

Winning hearts and minds

ANA-training-1About 36 Afghan National Army soldiers recently completed three-week long public outreach training at the Afghan Information Dissemination Operations (AIDO) Center of Excellence. The course is part of ISAF’s effort to help the Afghan army acquire more professionalism.

The purpose of AIDO is to train at least one team from each ANA Corps to set up a tactical team that is capable of communicating effectively with people in their area of operations.
The participants learn to understand the population and their needs, and communicate ANA values and other information through megaphone, written communication and the use of RIABs. The course contains both theory in the classroom and practical in the field.
Major General Shahzada, Deputy Commander of ANA Ground Forces, appreciated ISAF for conducting AIDO trainings. “It is a very useful course. Winning hearts and minds and getting support of the population is important. It is a responsibility to convey the message to the local population and make them understand who we are, why we are fighting against enemies, what is the purpose of our mission.”
Captain Mohammad Arif, one of the participants, was grateful to ISAF for organizing AIDO training. “It was a fantastic course. The standard of the training was very high and 100 per cent helpful for ANA in the field of information operations.” Major Hekmatullah Frootan, another ANA officer, said: “On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank the instructors for starting such useful Information Operations (IO) trainings. IO is like a bridge between the army and population.”ANA-training-4 ANA-training-3ANA-training-2
Colonel Sorin Cirstea, Commander, AIDO Center of Excellence, said: “For our enduring commitment, we need to build the right foundation. Our partnership is built upon respect and trust, and nothing is more precious than through the sharing of knowledge. This knowledge supersedes all forms of assistance because our common objective is an independent and self-sufficient Afghanistan. We hope that this course is a significant drop in an ocean to enable our partnership to develop from strength to strength and links our cooperation to form an unbreakable connection.”