Wed, Oct

Gen. Campbell confirmed as new ISAF commander


ISAFThe US Senate on Thursday confirmed General John F Campbell as commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

He replaces Marine General Joseph Dunford, who was also confirmed to serve as next Marine Corps Commandant. Campbell currently serves as vice-chief of staff of the US Army.
On his Facebook page, Campbell said he received word late last night the Senate had confirmed his nomination to serve as the next commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.
Joseph Votel will become the 10th commander of US Special Operations Command as the result of a voice vote by the Senate.
The confirmation was welcome news to Senator Marco Rubio, who said: “I am pleased that the Senate expeditiously approved Gen. Votel’s promotion and appointment to be the next commander of US Special Operations Command.”
With the world more uncertain than ever, the senator said, they would continue to rely on the brave men and women of SOCOM to act as the tip of the spear in defense of the nation.