Sat, Oct

Nature’s beauty unveiled


Flower-exibition-in-Kabul-1Afghans love trees, flowers and exotic plants, and Afghanistan is known for its wide variety of roses.

To satisfy the Afghan sense of aesthetics, the Kabul Flower Sellers Union recently held a flower show in Shar-e Naw Park. More than 200 kinds of flowers were on display, including roses, marigolds, jasmine and other exotic species of plants and flowers.
“Growing plants and flowers has an important role in providing a clean environment. As we all know, the air in Kabul is not good enough, so such shows raise awareness about the importance of greenery in the city and help prevent air pollution,” Faridon Frotan, the organiser of the show told Sada-e Azadi magazine.Flower-exibition-in-Kabul-2
He urged the residents and businessmen of Kabul to grow trees, plants and flowers in their homes and around businesses to make Kabul green and beautiful again.
Hundreds of residents flocked to the show and bought flowers and plants as per their delight. Ahmad Javid, a visitor to the show, said, “I really enjoy this exhibition. I would like to thank the municipality and the flower sellers union for putting up this exhibition. I want all people of Kabul to pay a visit to this exhibition.”
Among the dozens of flower sellers, Omid Sabz Flowers Company also set up a stall at the show. Its owner, Ismail Agha, told Sada-e Azadi that he brought over two hundred types of flowers to the show. “I was able to sell some of them. Too many Kabulis have visited the exhibition; it is a positive aspect for us,” he said.