Sun, Oct

New supervisor improved health clinic


SCASupervision of the Sawa clinic has been a challenge for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan project management team because of the insecure conditions of the area. In order to have a qualified staff and a person with knowledge of the area a qualified supervisor who is the resident of the area was employed.

Sawa clinic is located around 45 kilometres from Mehtarlam City in a remote area in the district Alingar. The area is mountainous with big mountains and deep valleys. To reach the area is a very complicated and difficult journey and it is very insecure area of Laghman province. Sawa clinic managed by SCA is the only health facility providing health services to the most vulnerable people in the area.

With the new supervisor SCA became able to run the health facility for the first time. Dr. Abdul Hakim Niazi, supervised all the technical areas of the health facility, he discovered the gaps and problems of the health facility, discussed the issues and gaps with the staff in the clinic and organized work trainings for the health facility staff.

The health supervisor then conducted meetings with the elders in the area, the Shura, and shared the problems of the health facility with them. Together with them they tried to solve the problems of the clinic. An action plan was prepared to fill the gaps that was found by the supervisor. In the plan improvement of health services delivery in the clinic was suggested, and these were implemented and followed up.

It is assumed that the supervision for the Sawa clinic made positive changes in the delivery of health services in the area. It has also built the trust of the community for the health facility and staff, which results in improvement of the health status of the people of the area.