Sun, Oct

Karzai urges election results on schedule


hamid-karzai-2011-2President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday renewed his concerns at the negative effects the delay in announcing the presidential election results was having on people's lives, especially security, economic and governance issues.

At a meeting attended by the two vice-presidents, election commission head and UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Jan Kubis, Karzai stressed the election process should be completed and results unveiled on schedule.

Matters related to the ongoing vote audit process, progress in recounting ballots and technical problems came up for discussion at the meeting, which was called in line with a joint proposal from Kubis and the Independent Election Commission.

Meanwhile, the IEC senior officials stressed that coordination of the presidential candidates with the IEC could help accelerate the auditing process.

The IEC officials asked Karzai to encourage the presidential runners to cooperate with the IEC in the recounting process. The president stressed the timely announcement of the election results.

“Delaying the process has affected people, especially the economic and security situation of the country, and is leaving negative effects on the government; it is important to complete the process on time and not to create trouble for the nation”, Karzai said.

Earlier this week, Karzai said the final result of the elections should be announced within 15 days.

With regard to recent American newspaper’s report regarding Afghanistan, Karzai called the story a sinister conspiracy to weaken the war-torn country. His administration would not let such plots succeed, he vowed.

Two days back, The New York Times ran a report that high-ranking officials in Kabul were mulling over the formation of a provisional government with the help of security forces.  Subsequently, the government ordered the reporter to leave the country within 24 hours.