Thu, Oct

EU gives $95m to finance police salaries


euThe European Union announced on Wednesday its latest contribution to the Afghan National Police of $95 million to enable the government to continue to pay police officers and uniformed personnel of the Central Prison Department.

After the deduction of administrative costs, the remaining sum will be fully allocated for salaries, keeping at least 12,600 Afghan police officers on the streets for the next two years, a statement from EU said.

Milko van Gool, head of Development Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Afghanistan, said: "The Afghan National Security Forces are playing an increasingly important role in the Afghan society as it moves towards transition.”

He added their presence and professionalism was crucial to the sustainability of the Afghan state and the security of its people.

With this latest payment, the EU has been contributing a total of over 440 million euros ($591 million) to Afghanistan's civilian police through the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) administered by UNDP.

Alvaro Rodriguez, UNDP country director, said: "The European Union Delegation has been a long-term supporter and key partner of LOTFA. The EU has played an important role in enhancing the efficiency of LOTFA in providing support to the Ministry of Interior Affairs."