Tue, Oct

Women seek greater representation in govt


Afghan women from various walks of life, debating the subject of women’s empowerment, on Thursday sought sufficient representations in the new government.


Women politicians from both presidential camps and other notable females participated in the one-day conference in Kabul. Safia Siddiqui, a pro-Ashraf Ghani politician, acknowledged many women had voted in the presidential elections.
Past governments had ignored women, she said, adding gender discrimination would not be repeated this time. Safia promised that females would be provided with education and job opportunities.  
Women should not be confined to secretarial jobs, she believed, saying they should be encouraged to take up executive posts.
Habiba Sarabi, a supporter of Dr. Abdullah, said though women had got better chances, yet they were facing multiple problems. The former Bamyan governor alleged many women had been barred from voting.
She recommended that future government and religious leaders should campaign against outdated anti-women customs.
Shukria Barakzai, a member of parliament, said at least 30% quota for women should be allocated in future government. Barakzai stressed jobs for women in the security sector as well as the Election Commission.