Tue, Oct

Karzai urges Ghani, Abdullah to reach a deal soon


Karzai-meet-Ghani-and-abullahPresident Hamid Karzai on Wednesday hosted marathon talks between the two men vying to succeed him and urged them to reach a negotiated settlement to end the electoral impasse.

A statement from the Presidential Palace said the outgoing president asked both Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah to reach a deal sooner than later.

Karzai’s both deputies attended the meeting, in which Karzai hoped the candidates would soon reach an accord to end the political uncertainty.

During the meeting, Karzai assured his full support to both the candidates on reaching an agreement acceptable to them.

The rival campaigns held last-ditch talks on Wednesday to salvage the US-brokered deal under which the two sides also agreed to accept the results of a UN-supervised vote audit.