Tue, Oct

Senate urges govt to pursue peace


afghan-parliament02Welcoming the peaceful transfer of power, the Meshrano Jirga --- upper house of parliament --- on Tuesday urged the new government to pay greater attention to bringing peace and strengthening security.

Former president Hamid Karzai a day earlier handed the reins over to his successor Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, who was inaugurated along with his election rival Abdullah Abdullah as the country’s chief executive officer.
Senator Ali Akbar Jamshidi from central Daikundi province congratulated all Afghans over the peaceful transfer of power from one elected government to another, saying the unity government was a collective choice.
However, he said the new government came into power at a time when the country was facing numerous challenges concerning security, economy and politics.
He said the Afghans were hopeful that the new government would resolve all these problems and Ahmadzai and Abdullah would implement their promises.
His colleague from Kabul Nisar Ahmad Haris welcomed the peaceful political transition. He said the new government should focus on security improvement and should announce a clear policy about neighbouring countries.
Haris said security should be ensured forever across the country, not for a few exclusive days in order the people could perform their routine matters of life in an effective way.
Female lawmaker Gulalai Akbar from northeastern Badakhshan province also stressed the new leadership should concentrate on the security sector.
“My demand from the new government is it should build on the past government’s gains and what the previous government did not give us was security, which we want from the new government to give us,” she said.
She said the new government should make its stance clear before the armed opposition in order to be able to achieve peace.
Her colleague from western Herat province Tayeba Zahidi said the national unity government should stay committed to its pledges and hand responsibilities to competent individuals.
First Deputy Chairman Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, who presided over the session, said he welcomed the peaceful transfer of power to the new government, which should take concrete steps towards lasting peace and stability.
He said the new government should determine and send to the assembly fundamental policies of the state for approval as soon as possible under Article 64 of the Constitution.