Sat, Oct

Nutrition training for health staff conducted


SCAA six day long training conducted by SCA on components of nutrition concluded in Mehterlam field office. The purpose of the training was to build the capacity of health staff about nutrition components including early detection and on time referral and prompt treatment.

Dr Abdul Shukoor, is among those who attended the training. He says the training was very fruitful. “We got enough information about signs and symptoms of malnutrition, admission criteria of malnourished children, and treatment of different categories of malnourished children and women,” he said.
Dr. Shukoor says they also got information about special case in malnutrition. According to him a special case was defined as children with severe malnutrition less than 6 months age, or more than 6 months age weighted less than 4 kg.
Shukoor says the training will positively affect his activities. “After attending the training, now I can easily diagnose and treat patients having malnutrition, and know the criteria of those malnourished patients who needs admission in health facility and those who needs home based treatment,” he added.