Wed, Oct

Ghani links economic prosperity to stability


Ashraf-Ghani-Ahmadzai-meeting-with-US-embassador-and-ISAF-commanderPresident Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has said Afghanistan cannot achieve economic prosperity without peace and stability, which he called the most important job to be done.

Ahmadzai was talking to US and NATO top commander in Kabul Gen. John F Campbell and a senior US Embassy official at the Presidential Palace.
A statement from the palace said the meeting discussed bilateral cooperation between Afghanistan and the US, the current security situation in the country and efforts at improving coordination between international and Afghan forces.
Stressing the need for improved security in the county, President Ahmadzai said economic development was impossible without security and peace. “That’s why our utmost job is to maintain peace and stability.”
Ahmadzai insisted on effective coordination between NATO and Afghan forces, the statement said.