Tue, Oct

Delhi conference to discuss Afghanistan


Delhi-confrenceA conference in New Delhi will discusses the international security environment, including the situation in Afghanistan post 2014, an official said on Tuesday.

Interior Minister Mohammed Umer Daudzai has left for the India capital to represents Afghanistan at the core group meeting of the Munich Security Conference.
MoI spokesman Siddique Siddiqui, who is accompanying Daudzai, tweeted that the two-day meeting would begin later in the day.
The participants would confer on the security situation in the region, especially in Afghanistan after 2014, Siddiqui said.
Held at least once a year, the MSC Core Group Meetings bring together small, exclusive groups of a few dozen participants in changing locations around the world.
These meetings represent an opportunity to discuss key issues of international security policy, with a special focus on the regions where the conference is held.
The conferences have included discussions with heads of state and government, as well as key ministers, advisors and parliamentarians.