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Islamabad: Pakistan host the next year’s Conference of the Istanbul Process


Sartaj-AzizA senior Pakistani diplomat on Saturday said Islamabad fully supported Beijing’s constructive contribution and five-point proposal envisaged by Premier Li Keqiang for Afghanistan’s peace and economic development.

Adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz told the Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process held in Beijing on Thursday that the ministerial conference was a powerful illustration of the international community’s commitment to support Afghanistan in its quest for peace, progress and prosperity.

A statement from the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul quoted Aziz as saying the Heart of Asia process had evolved into an important platform for collective endeavours in support of Afghanistan’s tabilisation.

He said Pakistan’s involvement with the six confidence building measures (CBMs) was a manifestation of its abiding interest in promoting the shared goals of stability and prosperity in the Heart of Asia through constructive regional cooperation.

He said as co-lead with Kazakhstan on the Disaster Management CBM, Pakistan had been steering the agreed priority activities.

The adviser underscored that Afghanistan had undergone historic transfer of power after recent elections and congratulated President Ashraf Ghani on being elected as Afghanistan’s President and in forming unity government in his country.

Aziz appreciated a regional consensus achieved at the ministerial conference underlining the need to fully support peace and reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan and in helping Afghanistan’s reconstruction.

He reiterated that Pakistan remained fully committed to supporting an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process. He said Pakistan’s offer to host the next year’s Conference of the Istanbul Process was supported by the participating countries and the international organisations.