Thu, Oct

CEO for greater focus on strengthening ANSF



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Abdullah on Thursday called for a stronger NATO mission to train and advise Afghan security forces after an end to combat operations in the next few weeks.

During a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Abdullah thanked the Western military alliance for its sacrifice of blood and treasure for the sake of peace and stability in Afghanistan. In a statement from his office, the CEO promised the national unity government would translate into action the commitments Afghanistan had held out at the NATO Summit in Chicago. The commitments include reforms, combating corruption and ensuring transparency.  Stoltenberg renewed NATO’s commitment to supporting the Afghan government, strengthening Afghan forces and the war on terror. He hailed the recent peaceful power transfer as a step toward permanent stability in the country.  He hoped NATO’s relations with the new government would see a boost in the future. The new NATO mission Resolute Support would be based Afghan forces’ requirements, the diplomat said, pledging to meet the aid vows made in Chicago.  Abdullah said the incumbent government was trying to ensure self-reliance by introducing reforms and banishing graft. But Kabul would continue to bank on international support, particularly for raising a competent air force, until it realised the goal, he explained.