Tue, Oct

150 IDLG staff to be trained in India


IDLG-staff-training-in-indiaThe Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) on Wednesday said the government of India had agreed to training its 15 staff in financial management.

In a statement, the IDLG said it had officially requested the Embassy of India in Kabul to fill the capacity gap by training its employees in area of financial management, considering the capacity development cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and India

It said the Embassy of India had informed IDLG that the government of India had accepted the proposal and agreed to train 150 IDLG employees.

Upon return from India, the Embassy of India will conduct a week-long feedback workshop for all the participants. The workshop will aim at sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge they will gain from the training; writes the Indian Embassy in an official letter.

The Embassy has invited IDLG leadership to visit New Delhi to monitor and evaluate the Financial Management Training (FMT-II) after being conducted in India-Institute of Government Accounts and Finance (INGAF).

Also, they will meet appropriate Indian authorities to discuss local governance issues, initiatives and possibilities of further cooperation in this area between two countries.

IDLG deputy minister for policy and technical affairs Dr. Farid Mamundzay appreciated the continued support of India in area of capacity development and recognised its importance in promoting good governance on the sub-national level.

“I, on behalf of IDLG would like to thank and appreciate the cooperation of Indian government. We believe that provision of training in financial management to our staff will institutionalise the principles of transparency and accountability in governmental financial system” Mamundzay said.