Thu, Oct

Proud to serve


ANA-graduation-1As the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) are preparing to take over complete security responsibility by the end of 2014, more young Afghans are opting for careers in the national army.

Recently, 2,800 soldiers graduated from the Kabul Military Training Centre (KMTC). These soldiers were from 228 and 229 Afghan National Army (ANA) battalions. They completed training in radio communications, leadership, computer, shooting, military teaching skills and armoured vehicles operations.
Brigadier General Aminullah Patyani, commander of the KMTC, said: “Afghanistan is the common home for all Afghans and must be protected by these brave soldiers. These graduates will play an important role in keeping peace and security in the country. Afghan soldiers have been trained with the spirit of patriotism to defend the people all over the country.”ANA-graduation-2
Major General Mohammad Habib Essari, commander of the ANA Education Section, reminded the new soldiers that education was a continuous process.
“The things that you have learned here must be put into practice. You have the support of your nation, and it is confirmed through the media every day. Therefore, it is our responsibility to defend our territory against the enemies.”
Sergeant Abdul Hadi, one of the graduates, said: “We provide security to widows and orphans who have lost their fathers, mothers and husbands. I am proud to be an Afghan and serve my country. ANA is now capable and professional, and can respond to any threats posed by the enemies in Afghanistan. I ask the insurgents and other enemies to lay down their weapons and join the peace process, and live peacefully.”
Qudratullah, another graduate, said: “I want to ask Afghan youth to join the army because it’s the institution that unite us all. I warn the insurgents and enemies of peace to lay down their weapons; otherwise, we will destroy them.”