Tue, Oct

New Kabul PC members administered oath


Kabul-PCThe newly-elected provincial council members of central Kabul province were sworn-in on Monday at the Governor’s House here despite warnings from losing candidates to disrupt the ceremony.

After being put on hold for seven months, final results from the April 5 provincial council elections sparked protests and fraud allegations by failed candidates in various provinces.

The previously planned oath-taking ceremony for Kabul PC members was slated for Nov 11, but it had to be cancelled due to protest demonstrations by nearly 300 people in front of the Governor’s House.

The protesters on Sunday renewed their warning and called for the creation of a special tribunal to investigate fraud allegations.

Losing candidates and their supporters have erected tents in front of the Office of Administrative Affairs since yesterday to continue their protest.

Kabul Governor Adbul Jabar Taqwa in his address to the newly sworn-in PC members said the council was a place to serve the people not themselves.

He urged the new public representatives to work side-by-side with the provincial administration since there were a lot to be done for Kabul’s development.

As many as 454 individuals contested the April elections in Kabul province and 33 of them, including seven women, were elected.

The new members will now elect their administrative board officials and a senatorial representative on Tuesday.