Sat, Oct

US donates vehicles to Ministry of Counter-Narcotics


US-DonationsThe US Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) donated 87 vehicles worth $2 million to the Ministry of Counter-Narcotics Afghanistan on Wednesday.

 The vehicles consisted of 47 tractors and 40 Hi Lux jeeps, he added. He however, expressed concern over the rise in poppy cultivation and opium production in Afghanistan in the current year.
 Mohammad Ibrahim Azhar, deputy counter-narcotics minister, said that drugs were not only a national problem but a regional and international phenomena and that joint regional and international coordination was needed to eliminate the menace.
 One of the main reasons for rise in poppy cultivation in the country he said, was the prolonged 2014 presidential elections.
 He also expressed concern about the presence of over 1.6 million drug addicts in the country.