Sun, Oct

Potential terror attacks foiled in Kabul


moi-dThe Ministry of Interior on Wednesday said police had thwarted some potential terror attacks at two locations of central Kabul province.

A MoI statement said police found a rocket in a ready-to-fire mode on the Karta-i-Naw hill aimed at Kabul City and defused it in the limits of 8th police district on Tuesday evening.
The statement said four mortar shells were found and defused in Qarabagh district of Kabul. No one has so far arrested in connection with the two incidents, but police were investigating, it said.
According to another report, six people were arrested on charges of robberies, murders and drug smuggling from different parts of Kabul City.
The MoI statement said two persons involved in car-lifting incidents were detained in the 15th police district. Another four persons were arrested on drug trafficking charge at the Hamid Karzai International Airport previously known as Kabul airport.
The four smugglers intended to traffic the drugs to foreign countries via the airport, but they were detained, the statement said.