Sun, Oct

54 suspected rebels detained in Kabul raids



Fifty-four suspects have been arrested during a search operation in capital Kabul, an official said on Monday.

The operation involving National Security Directorate (NDS) and National Army (ANA)’s 111st Capitol Division personnel came in response to recent suicide attacks in Kabul,NDS spokesman Abdul Hasib Siddiqui flanked by ANA commander Lt. Col. Qadam Shah Shamim, told reporters that detainees might have links with rebels. He urged residents to stand firm against militant attacks.He said the insurgents had lost the ability to enter direct combat with security forces and had resorted to attacking soft targets in order to strike fear into residents’ hearts.Shamim said 53 Kalashnikovs, 63 pistols with bullets and explosives had been captured during the operation. The operation comes amid a spike in suicide and gun attacks in Kabul and other major cities.