Thu, Oct

Kabul, Islamabad united against terror: Aziz



Pakistan’s national security and foreign affairs advisor Sartaj Aziz on Saturday said security forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan had agreed to carry out coordinated operations against terrorists.

Aziz, who yesterday described the massacre in Peshawar as Pakistan’s 9/11, said the Afghan leadership had assured the army chief of full cooperation in countering terrorism.He referred to the army chiefs’ visit to Kabul, where he won assurances from President Ashraf Ghani as well as International Security Assistance Force commander Gen. Joseph Dunford of complete cooperation in security-related matters.Aziz said standard operating procedures for better border management between Pakistan and Afghanistan had been finalised and would be presented for approval before a joint military group meeting expected to take place shortly.Aziz said there was no distinction between “bad and good Taliban” after the Peshawar school attack that left 141 people dead, including 123 children, and injured hundreds of others.Aziz had previous said Pakistan would not target militants posing no security threat to the country.“The attack in Peshawar compelled the government to change strategy of the ongoing war against terrorism. The attack can lead to change in the game.”He said the way the US changed its policy toward other nations after the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan had also changed its policy against terrorism after the Peshawar attack.He said the ideology of good and bad Taliban had died and the government had reached the conclusion that there should be no distinction between insurgents. Aziz said rebel groups assisted each other during operations against them and some groups, if spared, would strengthen and pose threats in future.