Sat, Oct

Interior Ministry Honors Police Sacrifices



The Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) appreciated the sacrifices made by the police forces and honored with medals the soldiers who lost their lives while on duty.

The appreciation came Tuesday in an event where the National Police Recognition Week was announced. The event was attended by the acting interior minister Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, Parliament members, civil society activists and families of slain police forces.The MoI officials presented medals to the families of Mustafa and Mir Afghan, the policemen who lost their lives by saving lives of hundreds of citizens.Addressing the participants, Salangi stated that with the new government came into being, the political support for police has also increased."Besides the resolute support of international community, our national police also need support from our people and politicians to have more equipped and united force," Salangi noted.MP Iqbal Safai, who was also present at event, stressed the need for strong support of police and praised the sacrifices made by the forces."We are proud of our soldiers who serve for the nation and sacrifice their lives," Safai praised.The appreciation of police forces comes as the Afghan National Police Forces (ANSF) are expected to hold the security responsibility for the entire country from January 1, 2015.The main duty of police forces is to maintain the law and order situation in the cities, however, the Afghan National Police (ANP) forces, besides their main duty, have also fought terrorism and have lost their lives in this way.