Thu, Oct

Jirga resolves 35-year-old enmity in Farah

FarahA decades-long enmity between some families from the same tribe was resolved by a jirga in the Pushrud district of western Farah province on Friday, an official said.
Amir Mohammad Ayubi, the head of Farah Peace Committee, told Pajhwok Afghan News the 35-year-old dispute among the Barakzai tribesmen had so far claimed 15 lives in Kharaba area and the rivals finally reconciled on Friday.
He said the enmity had been among families of Mohammad Azeem, Syed Gul, Mohammad Hashim and Abdul Khaliq.
“It was one of the most dangerous feuds in Farah lasting many years. It had begun from a minor issue.”
Ayubi said the enmity came to an end as a result of efforts by tribal elders, other mediators and willingness of the families concerned.
He said the former rivals had in written form pledged in presence of government officials and tribal elders that they would live in peace with each other.
Mohammad Azeem, holding tight his ex-foe Dost Mohammad Hashim in his arms, told Pajhwok Afghan News he hoped their friendship would never ever last and their youth no longer killed.
With tears rolling down his cheeks, Azeem said he was tired of enmity that gave him sleepless nights. He said they opted to reconcile to save their children from inheriting the conflict.
Hashim said he twas hankful to God for giving them strength to end their years-long enmity and start a new and peaceful life.