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CEO wants USAID funds spent on girls’ college


Dr-Abdullah-abdullahChief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday suggested part of $216 million allocated for women’s empowerment by the US should be spent on the construction of a girls’ college.

The USAID-funded programme was launched on Nov 9, 2014 by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at a ceremony attended by high-ranking government officials and foreign diplomats.

Via the project called Promote, the USAID is supporting 75,000 young Afghan women and girls by strengthening rights groups, encouraging female participation in economic activity and helping them acquire business and management skills.

During a meeting with USAID officials and Afghan women, the CEO stressed the need for transparency in implementation of the programme.  He hoped the programme would improve the condition of Afghan women.

A fair approach to utilisation of funds was direly needed for the effective implementation of the programme and making sure that all targets were achieved, he said.

Abdullah added although the programme was led by the USAID in collaboration with the Afghan government, there was need for a clear implementation mechanism to achieve maximum results.

He said the construction of a girls’ college was important because after a few years, when foreign aid would decline, the college would function as an institution for women’s empowerment.

Earlier, some women activists and members of parliament lambasted the international community for the slow progress of the programme. They complained concrete steps for implementation of the programme were yet to be taken.