Thu, Oct

Minister of Mines to Form Advisory Council, Promises Improvements


hrt-gove-daud-shah-sabaNewly appointed Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Dawoud Shah Saba, on Monday announced the formation of an advisory council intended to enhance transparency, accountability and coordination in Afghanistan's valuable mineral resource industry.

During his confirmation, Dawoud Shah Saba talked about undertaking a more inclusive approach to mine extraction, adding that all new strategies would be taken in consideration of national interests and in order to attract investments.

"The interests of the people of Afghanistan would be prioritized in the policies and programs to make sure all the people benefit from the natural resources," Minister Saba said.

The Presidential Palace voiced support for the new cabinet member's plans, emphasizing the importance of proper management of Afghanistan's valuable mineral deposits for the country future economic growth.

"The only alternative to alleviate poverty is to change our traditional economy into a modern economy," President Ashraf Ghani's Special Advisor for Good Governance and Reforms Ahmadzia Massoud said. "Inclusive utilization of natural resources is crucial to the foundation of our economy."

According to Minister Saba, the best strategy for developing Afghanistan's mineral sector would be to approach extraction in a phased approach. He argued the government should begin focusing on identifying and extracting small resource deposits and only later stepping up to middle and mega resource deposits.