Tue, Oct

More cabinet picks to be referred to Wolesi Jirga soon


Dr-Abdullah-abdullahChief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said remaining ministers-designate would be introduced to the Wolesi Jirga for vote of confidence in coming weeks.

Speaking at a ceremony here, the CEO thanked President Ashraf Ghani and the lower house for reposing trust in Salahuddin Rabbani as foreign minister. He hailed Rabbani as a qualified man, with a robust reputation.

For his part, the minister promised a proactive foreign policy would be framed based on discussions with intellectuals, members of parliament, political parties and technocrats.

He said he would be trying to place a balanced foreign policy, supported by the people of Afghanistan, before public representatives for approval.

Rabbani vowed to serve all Afghans, not a specific group, and that he would never compromise the national interest or religious values during his tenure as foreign minister.

Abdullah said introduction of the cabinet showed the unity government was sincere in trying to achieve its targets. They would fully support the newly-appointed ministers in running their affairs, he pledged.

The CEO praised Wolesi Jirga members for giving trust votes to eight cabinet picks and the spymaster. He said the remaining cabinet members would be introduced to the lower house in coming weeks.