Thu, Oct

Ghani orders experts to devise strategy for wheat autarky


Ghani-2President Ashraf Ghani has directed the authorities concerned to come up within two weeks with a strategy enabling Afghanistan to become self-sufficient in wheat production.

The president issued the directives at a meeting with agriculture and rural development ministries’ officials and Afghanistan Land Authority (ALA) experts at the Presidential Palace on Monday evening.

A statement from the palace said the meeting conferred on ways how to develop the agriculture sector, especially wheat production, and problems facing the sector and their solutions.

It quoted President Ghani as saying Afghanistan lacked a prudent strategy that could develop the agriculture sector and enhance wheat yield.

For self-sufficiency in wheat crop, Ghani said Afghanistan needed a multifaceted policy and organised plans to accomplish the crucial economic task.

The president directed experts to evolve within two weeks a multifaceted policy under which measures were taken in the upcoming spring to help Afghanistan stand on its own feet in food crops production.

Ghani hoped self-sufficiency in wheat production would resolve many economic problems being faced by Afghans. Once autarky was attained, the president said he would shift his attention to promoting other agriculture products.