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Heroes, civilian and military


Afghanistan has thousands of heroes, people working every day to improve the lives of Afghans.

They are the first ones to volunteer to help when something is threatening the peace. Some of these heroes wear uniforms, soldiers and officers of Afghanistan National Security Forces. But others are less obvious -- many Afghans assist the ANSF in performing their duties and are a vital part of helping ensure peaceful and happy lives for their fellow Afghans.

In Kandahar province, there were areas where the enemies of peace tried to upset the peaceful environment. One such area was Panjwai district, where the insurgents tried to place land mines in order to kill innocent citizens. Luckily, the local people of Panjwai continue to stay vigilant by learning what suspicious criminal activity looks like and how to report it. The residents don’t hesitate to report these kinds of activities to the ANSF.

“My plan was to create good relations with the ANSF and the local residents and I was happy to see that this came easily. Here the people are really willing to cooperate and communicate with the security officials. People know that by assisting us, we work more efficiently and prevent misery, violence and criminality,” says Sultan Mohammad, the new Police Commander of Panjwai district.the-heroes-of-the-country-1

The commander describes the relations between the ANSF and the locals as straightforward, easygoing and proficient. It is also one of the key tools when tracking insurgents and their misdoings.

“I’m really proud of our honest and hardworking forces and also of the resourceful and active people who live here in Panjwai. Today the area is safe and people can go out anytime and anywhere without being afraid of mines or other threats. We will do everything to maintain the peace,” Commander Mohammad promises.

The District Governor of Panjwai district, Fazal Mohammad Ishaqzai, is satisfied with the new police commander and wants to thank his people for working shoulder to shoulder with the security forces. “Together we are strong. We can stop all the violence and call the militants to join a normal, happy life. And we have all the chances and recourses to make our district bloom. We also get a lot of visitors from other districts. They come here to enjoy the nature and our beautiful gardens,” Governor Ishaqzai states.

“I thank the ANSF for their precious efforts and all the people for building the better future. At the end of the day, everyone who works for the country is a hero of Afghanistan.”