Thu, Oct

New visa scheme launched for foreigners


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday opened a consular office at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, formerly known as Kabul Airport, to issue visas to foreign nationals, particularly investors on arrival in a move to boost business.

Deputy Foreign Minister Attiqullah Atifmal, who inaugurated the new scheme, said the facility was aimed at attracting foreign investors and facilitating those entering the country.

He said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would issue visas for one to three years to foreign investors on arrival in Afghanistan. “We will issue the three-year visas to big investors and the one-year to those making small investments in Afghanistan.”

He added visas would be granted to diplomats, UN and other international organizations’ staff, journalists and athletes through the newly-opened office.

“We have set up this facility for nationals in countries where Afghanistan does not have its embassy or consulate,” he said.