Sat, Oct

Ghani Vows to Deny Pardons to Killers of Security Force Members


president-ghani-meeting-with-andsfWhile meeting with Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) commanders this week, President Ashraf Ghani pledged that any prisoner found guilty of killing members of the security forces would not be eligible for a presidential pardoning order.

It is a longstanding tradition for the president to grant pardons to groups prisoners in honor of special religious and national events over the course of the year. Former President Hamid Karzai began to see backlash in the last few years of his presidency when he began pardoning prisoners detained on charges related to militancy and support for the Taliban.

The meeting at the Presidential Palace was to allow ANA and ANP commanders the opportunity to share reports on security conditions around the country, request new equipment and funding.

"The important thing is that the president promised that he will not pardon the killers of national army personnel and other forces in response to various events such as Eid and New Year and their jail terms will not be decreased and they will be dealt with in accordance to the law," 203 Thunder Army Corps general Sharif Yaftali told TOLOnews. "We also discussed the issue of providing equipment for the army and police forces and the president announced his full support to the security forces."

With the summer fighting season around the corner, the president was said to have emphasized raising the morale of the national security forces. The meeting comes just as the ANA launched military operations across southern Helmand province.

"The security forces have launched anti-insurgent operations in various parts of Helmand, and this time, we know the operations will be conducted in a manner that security is fully restored permanently in areas where the military operations are carried out by the security forces," MP Niamatullah Ghafari said on Friday.