Thu, Oct

Ghani Promises Advancement for Women of Afghanistan


president-ghani-with-his-wifeCommemorating National Women Day, President Ashraf Ghani said that his promises made to advance and have more women present in the government will be fulfilled.

At the event celebrating women on Thursday, Ghani exclaimed that leadership monopoly will be put to an end in Afghanistan and ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to remove individuals who were appointed based on personal connections.

"We are committed to our commitments and we have the power to implement them," Ghani said. "We are committed in protecting the achievements made during President Hamid Karzai's time. Our main commitment is to create stable and long-term conditions for women."

In his speech marking Women's Day, Ghani made several announcements and promises in increasing institutions for women.

"A university for women with aid from Turkey will be built in Kabul. Whether you want embassies, deputy ministries, governor positions, God willing it will happen soon and in accordance to standards. The story of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not be repeated again."

Among increasing female capacity in leadership, economic projects, government positions, Ghani exclaimed that violence against women is intolerable.

"Every ministry is responsible to defend the rights of women. There is no place for violence." "Women need to be supported," Ghani said. "No women must be left out."

As Afghanistan acknowledges and celebrates International Women's Day, the women of the country still face major challenges including insecurity, violence, harassment, and illiteracy.

The president has shown commitment in bringing female presence to the Supreme Court, ratifying laws especially the family law, the anti-discrimination code, and the anti-harassment code. He added that the number of women will increase in key positions, pointing toward the deputy ministry roles.

In addition to his promises made at the event on Thursday, the Ministry of Women Affairs has demanded that the cases of the female prisoners be reviewed.