Tue, Oct

Women face challenges in elections: Nuristani


nooristani-and-women-dayThe Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Tuesday said more facilities and employment opportunities would be provided for women in the upcoming polls.

The panel also acknowledged that women continued to face a variety of challenges in rural areas in terms of participating in the elections.

IEC Chairman Yusuf Nuristani said efforts were ongoing to provide employment for women and facilitate their participation in the next parliamentarian and district council elections.

Speaking at a gathering marking International Women’s Day, he said women’s participation in the election process was vital. “Women, generally speaking, don’t commit fraud.”

He promised to train and employ more women during the next elections if funds for the purpose were approved.

“There are many challenges across villages for women to join the elections process. Insecurity and family disagreements are the two major hurdles,” he remarked.

Aurangzeb, IEC secretary, said they could not manage to find women employee for over 2,000 polling stations during last year’s elections. He added 13% of staffers working for the provincial council elections were women.

Gulalai Achakzai, IEC commissioner, said women wanted their rights in line with Afghan and Islamic laws. She urged the government to consider women for ministerial and provincial posts.