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Community people audit SCA partners’ projects


audit-sca-partners-projectsOn the completion of projects in 2014, five Disabled People Organization (DPO), Swedish Committee for Afghanistan’s (SCA) partners initiated social audit events in Mazar, Jozjan and Samangan provinces, to give a transparent report on their activities and financial expenses to the community.

During these events, all DPOs shared their project’s objectives, activities, fund/budget, achievements, initiatives, challenges and success.

Expenditures were presented to community representatives, and all financial and procurement documents of completed projects were audited by community representatives.

This initiative by local organizations for persons with disabilities was appreciated by community people, and government and other national and international non-governmental organizations were asked to carry social audit events for community people.

SCA has zero corruption tolerance policy. Accountability and transparency is one of main characteristics of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan and its partner organizations.

Representatives from Department of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyr and Disables, Department of Education, Economic, Justice, Civil Society, Human Rights, National Security, Head Quarter, Head of District Development Assembly and members, Head of Community Development Councils, Persons with Disabilities, representatives from, people of community and SCA staff participated in this event.

These events were covered by Samangan National TV, Darman Radio of Aqcha.

In 2014 SCA gave five projects to Disabled People’s Organizations called Afghanistan Association of the Blinds, Ghazian Social Disabled Organization, Balkh Hearing Impaired Association, Aybak Social Disable Organization and Jozjan National Disabled Association, to enhance awareness of people of community about the rights and privileges of disabilities, in Balkh, Samangan and Juzjan provinces.