Thu, Oct

2,000 ANA officers complete training course


special-forcesAfghan National Army (ANA) officers on Sunday promised to discharge their duties honestly and serve the country in war and peacetime.

Over 2,000 soldiers and lieutenants, who received graduation certificates at the Kabul Military Training Centre (KMTC), promised boldly fighting the enemy of Afghanistan in every part of the country.

KMTC Commander Brig. Gen. Aminullah Pathyani said the graduating officers had completed military training and would be assigned to ANA units.

Ahmad Jan, one of the lieutenants, said: “It was my desire to join the ranks of ANA. I have undergone two months of training and now I am prepared to serve the country even in the most dangerous areas.”

Ministry of Defence (MoD) official Maj. Gen. Habib Hesari claimed Afghan security forces were capable of defending the country without the help of foreigners. He predicted militants would increase their attacks this summer.

He called the professional growth of Afghan forces a priority, hoping induction of fresh officers would yield positive results, as security situation in some parts of the country had started deteriorating ahead of the summer.