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Better Restaurants in Kabul


better-resturant-in-kabul-1With the recent economic improvements, many businesses including restaurants are seeing new opportunities for success. One such restaurant is a British chain, which is now in Kabul.

Bashir Halim, a savvy entrepreneur, realized that there is demand for business opportunities. “Af

ghans especially youths like fast-food, therefore, I opened the restaurant here in Kabul.” Improving security since the formation of the unity government and market demand were the main reasons for Halim to invest in this business. “New government, security and improving trade were the reason behind my investment. I invested $400,000 to open the restaurant in Kabul.” He said. “We created 22 job opportunities already and are planning to expand our brand in other parts of the capital and other provinces.”

Mohammad Ibrahim Shams, Deputy Director of the Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) talking to Voice of America, welcomed Mr. Halim’s choice. “This is good news for people and restaurateurs. Invbetter-resturant-in-kabul-2

estments in new businesses show the economy is improving in our country.”

The new taste of fish and chips brings in new customers like Sultan Aziz. “I am very happy that our people have world known restaurants here in our country,” Mr. Aziz said.

Another customer, Bakht Mohammad from Kandahar province who visited Kabul is excited to eat in a trendy restaurant. “This is my first time tasting such a food—I like it. I hope our government encourages more national and international investment opportunities in the country.”