Tue, Oct

Steps being taken to empower masses: President


President-Ghani-3President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that corruption has reached to its peak in major cities and the poor continues to suffer.

Speaking at an event in Presidential Palace on citizens’ rights on Tuesday, the president said it was his government top priority to empower citizens of the country. “We have divided Afghanistan’s cities and districts into five categories. Districts that are placed near the big cities, districts along the highways, districts with natural resources, and districts that border other countries,” he remarked.

Ghani said districts and their neighboring cities did not have proper economic relations while earlier, these cities entirely relied on districts’ raw materials. Some districts, he said having natural resources were noticed as the poorest because the resources were plundered and smuggled illegally.

The districts bordering neighboring countries, he said were entirely isolated sans any development. In major cities, Ghani added, corruption had reached its heights and the poor’s suffering had become manifold. He assured that the government had identified the problems in majority of these districts and was committed to change their condition.