Sun, Oct

3 cabinet nominees present future plans to MPs


three-more-cabinet-members-introducedThree ministers-designate on Wednesday presented their plans and strategies to the Wolesi Jirga (WJ) or lower house of parliament, underlining elimination of corruption, creation of opportunities for women and hiring talents on government positions.

The nominees who presented their plans included Abdul Basir Anwar, minister-designate for justice, Syed Sadat Nadari for urban development and Gulab Mangal, cabinet pick for borders and tribal affairs portfolio.

Mangal said terrorism, extremism, rampant corruption, widespread poverty and existence of illegal armed men were main challenges being faced by the government.

In case of getting trust vote, he would work hard to counter all challenges to bring prosperity to the country and people.

He pledged to resolve problems of tribal masses and safeguard borders of the country in a diligent manner.

“I will bring some tangible changes to the policy of this ministry in order to halt smuggling activities in border areas,” the cabinet pick remarked.

He promised to reorganize local councils, protect historical relics and work for the establishment of an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process.

The minister-designate for urban development said life in Afghanistan has become tough especially in cities.

He viewed repatriation of refugees, surging population and urbanization, poverty, grabbing of land, non-existence of urban laws and absence of urban development plan as major challenges.

Under his administration, he would make sure strict prevision of all services in cities. Syed Sadat Nadari said implementation of master plane, scrutiny of private sector involved in urban development, prevision of drinking water, power and canalization system and hiring of competent individuals on key posts would among his top priorities if elected as Urban Development Minister.

The minister-designate said he would ensure the completion of ongoing housing projects, encourage foreign investment for urban development and make sure transparency and gender equality in his ministry.

Abdul Basir Anwar, a cabinet pick for Justice Ministry, briefed the house about his planes. He said implementation of laws, vacation of grabbed properties from powerful individuals, reforms, capacity building, elimination of corruption and gender equality would be his priorities.

He pledged in case of getting trust vote from lower house he would implement all his plans and create law institute for graduates of Shaira Faculty students where they would complete their internship programme.