Sat, Oct

Afghan National Police Arrests Five Individuals in Kabul City


arrestedIn past 24 hours, Directorate of Counter-Crimes Police arrested five individuals accused of murder and theft at 3rd and 9th districts of Kabul City.

In the meantime, Afghan National Border Police arrested two smugglers with 15 kilos of hashish as they wanted to smuggle it out of Afghanistan at Kabul International Airport and 15th district of Kabul City.

In the meantime, Afghan National Police have seized 50 kilos of opium in Pul-e-Abrisham region, Zaranj city capital of Nimroz province.

The opium were loaded and placed onto a vehicle while Afghan National Police launched operation and searching vehicles. Afghan National Police detained the driver in connection to this case.

In a separate report, Afghan National Police have seized 416 kilos of hashish in Nazyan District of eastern Nangarhar province and Spin Boldak District of southern Kandahar province.

The Ministry of Interior is committed to the fight against narcotics and Afghan National Counternarcotic Police are having major success in fighting against smugglers and narcotics, which will continue.