Sat, Oct

CEO stresses coordination to combat drugs


dr-abdullah-in-ministers-meetingChief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said narcotics had a role to fuel insecurity in the country and close coordination among institutions was needed to counter the menace.

Addressing a cabinet meeting, Abdullah said the previous government failed to pay attention to eliminate drugs and its smuggling.

He acknowledged absence of thorough implementation of law and lack of coordination among departments were among hurdles to counter the narcotics business.

He said all issues pertaining to anti-poppy campaign had been discussed with officials of Criminal Justice Task Force Commission (CJTFC) during the last week meeting.

Earlier, he said the relevant law was flexible and smugglers would manage to flee. He said Afghanistan was one of the largest poppy producers and the country had more than one million drug addicts.

The CEO stressed for more cooperation among regional countries to eradicate the menace.