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5 more cabinet picks present future plans to WJ


5-more-cabinet-membersFive ministers-designate presented their plans and strategies to the Wolesi Jirga (WJ) or lower house of parliament on Monday.

The nominees who presented their plans included minister-designate for commerce and industries, energy and water, communication and information technology, agriculture and livestock and economy portfolio.

Abdul Sattar Murad, a cabinet pick for the Ministry of Economy, said he would work in tandem to remove hurdles in the way of economic development and increased domestic production.

He promised to encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and seek support of private sector to strengthen the vital sector.

He said if elected as minister he would strive hard to build close coordination among ministries and monitor projects of national importance.

Murad pledged to provide all required facilities to the ministry’s departments in the provinces and take tangible steps for eradication of corruption.

Abdul Razaq Wahidi, cabinet nominee for the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), said previous government did not work for the development of communication and technology, adding that seven percent of the national treasury was supported by revenue generated by the MCIT.

He pledged to launch distribution of electronic Identity Cards if elected as minister. Wahidi recalled, currently 25 million Afghans had access to mobile and 12 million to internet services in the country.

Expansion of Noori Electronic Network, improvement of internet and mobile services with low prices, develop a sense of competition among telecommunication companies, registration of SIM cards and provision of internet facility in state-run universities would be his priorities if elected as minister.

Asadullah Zamir, minister-designate for Agriculture and Livestock, said he would work out a strategy to increase agriculture products and build facilities for its storage.

Addressing the lawmaker, Zamir said exploration of markets for agriculture goods, water management, introduction of better irrigation system, construction of dams, expansion of orchards, provision of quality seeds with low price, protection of forests and better relations with private sector would be his priorities.

In addition, he said he would protect green belt areas of capital Kabul, create poultry farms and agriculture parks.

He said if elected as minister he would provide facilities for Kochi tribe and bring necessary reforms to the ministry to eradicate growing corruption and misuse of resources.

Humayun Rasa, minister designate for the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, said if Wolesi Jirga trusted him, he would remove existing problems at the ministry.

He pledged to reorganize the commerce policies, strengthen trade institutions, improve quality of goods and improve employees’ capacity building.

He said investment was key for the development of economy and he would strive hard to encourage foreign and domestic investment.

Rasa pledged to pay special heed to bolster domestic products and provide facilities to exporters if he was given a trust vote. “My top priority is to make the ministry more vibrant,” he added.

Ali Ahmad Osmani, minister-designate for water and energy, said bringing tanbile reforms to the ministry’s administrative system would be his first job to do if he won as minister.

He noted his priorities would fight corruption, attract foreign technical assistance, building power dams across the country. He would also try to get membership for Afghanistan in international organizations related to water and power.

He pledged to promote journalism in the country, but did not mention what relations journalism has to the ministry of water and energy.

On Wednesday, nominees for the ministries of public works, women’s affairs, education and transport are scheduled to present their future plans to the lower house.

Wolesi Jirga secretary Abul Rauf Inami told Pajhwok Afghan News the minister-designate information and culture has a US nationality. The Wolesi Jirga, he said, had sent letters to the ministry of foreign affairs and the US Embassy in Kabul but still has not received any official reply regarding termination of his second nationality.

He added if his second nationality is terminated then Jahani would also be allowed to present his plans to the parliament.

It is pertinent to mention that the Ministry Of Defence still does not have any nominee.