Thu, Oct

Massoud pledges to overhaul Kabul sewerage system


zia-masoodAhmad Zia Masood, the president special envoy for reforms and good governance, on Tuesday pledged to build a proper sewerage system with the support of townships’ owners in capital Kabul.

During the last 13 years, several new buildings and housing projects had been completed but without proper sewerage system that created unspeakable problems for the dwellers in the populated Kabul city.

Speaking at a ground-breaking ceremony to asphalt the Kart-i-Aryan road, Massoud said share holders of new townships, contractors, and concerned government departments failed to keep in view smooth passage to water flow during rains and snowfalls while constructing new buildings.

The Kart-i-Aryana road is 3.5 kilometres long and 15 meters width and its completion would help reduce traffic pressure in the city. Abdul Ahad Wahidi, acting mayor of Kabul city, said the asphalting of the road would be completed in 18 months at a cost of $3.8 million.

He informed the road connected north and west of the capital city would ensure smooth traffic flow.

The capital city, Massoud said had now become more congested and polluted because of absence of proper sewerage system. He warned that the city would become more congested if proper strategy was not devised to keep things on track. A committee had been tasked to meet owner of housing schemes and buildings for constructing of an inclusive sewerage system, he noted.