Thu, Oct

AUAF To Train 245 Afghan Businesswomen


women-workshopThe American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) is set to launch a training course for Afghan businesswomen. Up to 245 women are expected to benefit from this.

Training courses that will be offered include financial management, accounting, communications, leadership, management, marketing and other business related programs.

"The program will help women enhance their knowledge about business issues. We always try to help Afghan women extend their experience in the business field. AUAF will also offer these women help in selling their products," said head of the global center for economic development at AUAF Zakia Sulaiman.

Officials at the Afghan Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) and Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) have also announced that they will offer programs to help improve skills for women in business fields, stressing that various challenges such as security threats, social values, the nonexistence of business fundamentals and access to microcredit were among the main challenges that have hampered female participation in the business arena.

"In previous years, the government did not focus on the development of women in the business sector, an issue that hindered women from becoming involved in business. We expect the current government to not ignore the role of women," head of the social service coordination center of MoWA Mahrukh Yousafzai said.

"We are working to pave the way for women to be involved in various sectors so that they may expand their business activities. However it is taking time," head of the private sector department of the ministry of commerce and industries Abdul Rahim Saeedi said on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a number of businesswomen have criticized the government for not doing enough to help.

"The lack of a market is the biggest challenge in the way of business, because it prevents women from selling their products," businesswoman Hamida said.

According to economists, women currently play a small role in the commercial and business sector. If the government does not concentrate on the issue, it could have a negative impact on the future role of women in the economy.