Thu, Oct

More work needs to be done to develop industrial sector: CEO


dr-abdullah-in-ministers-meetingChief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday underlined that hard work and more efforts were needed to be done to develop the vital industrial sector.

Speaking at oath taking ceremony of new ministers, Abdullah said the unity government was determined to expand the networks of industrial parks and take steps to encourage traders and investors.

He said marketing for domestically produced products could not take place in the past and manufactures had been demanding access to markets and provision of facilities.

The unity government, he said would try to remove obstacles that halted the progress of the vital sector.

Humayun Rasa, the newly appointed minister, pledged to implement reforms and work hard for the development of industry in the country.

He said he would organize a competent team at the ministry with consultation of traders and businessmen to promote industries of the country.